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Gender Matters: Status Of Women In 20th Century California (Reaction Paper Sample)


The question is: "Describe the status of women in 20th century California. What economic and political gains were made? What problems of inequality remain?"
You must use the following format for your Reaction Papers. In other words, begin each RP like this: - Book Title:
- Chapter Number
- Week Number
- Textbook Pages Consulted
- Reaction Paper Question Number THREE: [copy here the question you are answering from the COURSE MATERIALS]
- Answer : [ Place your 200-250 word answer here, When counting word count dont include the heading and question. Only count the words in your actual answer]. MAX 250 WORDS. MLA Format. Sources are only from the pictures attached.
* Compose the RP using word processing program such as MS Word and save in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, or .txt

Status of women in 20th century California
In the 20th century is when California women made significant progress in achieving equality of employment. California was one of the earliest states to grant to women votes that was back in 1911. Before that women were rarely successful in obtaining elective office. In 1918 four women were elected in the state assembly. However, during the next 50 years only ten women were elected to the state assembly.
Economic and political gains made by women
In late 1975, California was ranked 48th among the states in percentage that had state elective offices held by women. In 1976 women in the legislative increased from three to six and by 2010 the number had risen to 33. The number of women elected to hold office in the local level also increased. Governor Edmund G Brown Junior appointed more than 1600 women to various boards and commissions and named women as directors of the department of finance, agriculture,, transportation, veteran affairs, conservation, motor vehicles, and last but not least correction. Elizabeth Bird was the first woman to be appointed to a supreme court and later on became the chief justice. Also, the employment of opportunities for women increased gradually and increased number of women sought to seek employment outside their Homes. In 1977 a majority of women were in labor force
Problems of inequality that remain
In the state however there were problems in that strong opposition developed and stalled t...
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