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Personal Reflection History Reaction Paper Research (Reaction Paper Sample)


Use the three selected readings.
Weekly journal assignments aim to give you more freedom to write something
you have just learned or something you are interested in a personal,
reflective, and less formal style. In your journal assignments, you should use
these responses to reflect on the readings and lectures, answer your own
questions about the course materials, or do a closely reading of a specific
portion of the reading materials. The journal assignments are not meant to be
brief summaries of the course materials. They should reflect on specific ideas
or themes that are meaningful and interesting to you.
There is no specific requirement for the structure of the journal assignments.
Your responses should be at least two full pages (no more than three),
double-spaced, in 12 font (preferably Times New Roman), with 1 margin on all
sides. You’re allowed to use short quotations. All journal assignments will be
checked by for similarity.


Professor's Name
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Personal Reflection
One of this week's course reading (Tse-Tung), includes an investigative report on the Peasant Movement in Hunan that took place in March of 1927. By reading the report, I realized that it is an influential essay that discusses the art of violence in a revolution, as depicted by Mao Zedong. The report was conducted on a seven months visit to Changsha, Hunan. From the report, I learned that Mao Zedong discusses the endorsement of violence, which broke out during the Northern Expedition. One of the important aspects addressed by the report is a detailed analysis of the struggle of the "Fourteen Great Achievements" for the peasant association (Tse-Tung).

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