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World History. The World as an Exhibition. History Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


The world as an EXHIBITION


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Prompt 1 Option 2: The World as an Exhibition
The photos from Shirin Neshat’s ‘Woman of Allah Series’ reveal Muslim women as weak, soft, and vulnerable as well as dangerous people by giving them a voice. Feminist thoughts in the images play a crucial role in highlighting the conflicting issues regarding gender inequality within the Muslim community that tends to view their world as an exhibition. In this sense, I tend to think that Muslim women lack the opportunity to make their decisions based on norms that dictate their life within society. In most cases, the Muslim faith and laws prohibit their women from working, owning property, and buying anything in the family (Naeem). Muslim men tend to consider their women as objects rather than people with capabilities. Therefore, the Muslim culture makes the women vulnerable to male chauvinism and dictatorship.

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