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Contemporary Global Finance: Microlending and Crowdfunding (Research Paper Sample)


THE TASK REQUIRED ME TO SEARCH FOR TWO contemporary finance topics, WHICH INCLUDED Microlending AND Crowdfunding. THE PAPER INVOLVED DEFINING THE TOPICS AND GIVING REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES TO EXPLAIN THEIR USE. IT ALSO INVOLVED A Critique OF the pros and cons of the topics. tHE PAPER ALSO AssessED the popularity of the topics and what type of global companies or individuals use them.


The Contemporary Global Finance Topics Paper
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The Contemporary Global Finance Topics Paper
Global finance is constantly evolving, and new technologies are emerging to make it easier, faster, and more accessible. Two of the most prominent contemporary finance topics are microlending and crowdfunding, enabling people to access capital and financial services in unimaginable ways. Therefore, this essay will explore the definitions of microlending and crowdfunding, their pros and cons, the popularity of these topics, and their future use.
Topic One: Microlending
Microlending can be defined as providing small loans to individuals or businesses who need help accessing traditional banking services due to their inadequate creditworthiness or collateral. The loans are typically given in small amounts and are repaid over a short period. Microlending is often used to support entrepreneurs in developing countries who need more access to capital to secure traditional loans (Heßler et al., 2022). A well-known example of microlending

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