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Five Complex Traditional Formulas Available From Distributors In The United States (Research Paper Sample)


formulae of Ayurveda medicine


Five Complex Traditional Formulas Available From Distributors In The United States
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The Ayurveda medicine is one of the ancient holistic curative systems and comprise of many formulas (Baer, Singer & Susser, 2003). The Radix rehmanniae formula is obtained from a root of the plant that belongs to the family of Scrophulariaceae. The plant has been widely utilized for the medication of diseases linked with endocrine, blood, immune, cardiovascular systems and nervous. The main active components of Radix rehmanniae comprise of catalpol, rehmannioside A, B, C, and D, purpureaside C and leucosceptoside A, monocyclic, glycosides and sesquiterpenes.
The medicine is usually prepared by combining other herbs like Radix scutellariae, Radix ginseng and Radix astragali. This blend stimulates insulin secretion as well as β-cell proliferation by means of insulin receptor induction. This combination of herbs has also shown improvement in diabetes by tissue regeneration, inflammation control and angiogenesis. The mechanism of action is thought to be the stimulation of the insulin secretion, the regulation of glucose metabolism and the reduction of the hepatic glycogen content. An oral dose of 600 mg/kg is recommended in a period of 40 days
The Gymnema sylvestre herb formula is obtained from plants of the family of Apocynaceae. The main bioactive ingredients incorporate gymnema saponins gymnemic acids I-VII, and deacylgymnemic acid. However, the principal chemical elements include gymnemic acids I-VII, gymnemoside W1-2 gymnemosides A-F and dihydroxy gymnemic triacetate which are a 3-O-glucuronide of the chemical component gymnemagenin. The sylvestre leaves are used in the treatment of joint pain, diabetes, snake bites hypercholesterolemia. An oral dose of 600 mg/kg of the acetone extract for 45 days decreases the glucose levels from 443 to 114 mg/L.
The Momordica charantia formula is obtained from tendril-producing vines that belong to the family Cucurbitaceae. Momordica charantia is a common plant used for the prescription of diabetes in South America, China, India, the East Africa and Caribbean. In M. charantia the seeds are the ones used in treatment. The main ingredients have been recognized to be stearic acid and eleostearic acid which comprises of about 45% of the total weight. Various glycosides, such as vicine and charantin have been isolated from the stem and fruits of M. charantia. The other ingredients comprise of polypeptide-p, lipids, triterpenoids, and alkaloids. The recommended dose is 400 mg/kg.
The Morus alba thrives mainly in Asian countries. The different substituents of its leaves have been employed clinically as the hypoglycemic and hypotensive agents. The herb has been utilized to cure hyperglycemia since the past. The principal curative ingredients...
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