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Extraneous Variables Affecting The Relationship Between Independent And Dependent Variables (Research Paper Sample)


To show the relationship between satisfaction of patients in regards to the number of patients admitted to a hospital at any one given time.


Extraneous variables affecting the relationship between Independent and Dependent variables
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The independent variable is the patient satisfaction while the dependent variable is the inpatient admissions. There is a great relationship between satisfaction of patients and the number of patients admitted to a hospital. The reason a patient rates a hospital highly after admission is determined by various factors. Coyne et al. and Messina et al. have analyzed them and give the results depending on each. They did not exhaust the list of factors that determine patients’ satisfaction. Extraneous variables affect the patients’ satisfaction as discussed.
They used the Spearman’s coefficient of rank-order to come with results determining the relationship between patient satisfaction and inpatient admissions. The research is done for both teaching and nonteaching hospitals. In both; the conclusion was that there is a negative relationship between patient satisfaction and inpatient admission for both nonteaching and teaching hospitals. Some of the elements that are considered are: the admission process, housing, meals, nurses, tests and treatments, visitors and family (Daniel, 2009).
In another research, it shows that communication between a patient and the physician affects the rating of satisfaction that a patient gives after admission. If the patient communicates well with the doctor, they give a very high rating on their satisfaction. Effective communication includes having a chance to ask questions, expressing themselves freely and if the doctor was friendly or not. Personal problems also affect how a patient will rate a facility. If a patient is naturally unhappy, stressed and with a low self-esteem, they rated their satisfaction negatively but if they are happy, healed, educated and with a high self-esteem, their patient satisfaction is highly rated. The outcomes of the admission are another factor to be considered. If a patient is discharged after healing, they rated their satisfaction highly if they are not healed or died; the relatives give a minimal patient satisfaction rating (Joffe and Manocchia, 2003).
The extraneous varia...
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