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Many cosmetics contain hidden potentially dangerous forever chemicals (Research Paper Sample)


The paper discusses the hidden dangerous chemicals in the cosmetics


Many cosmetics contain hidden, potentially dangerous ‘forever chemicals’
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Cosmetic are synthetic products that are mostly applied on the face to improve appearance. Cosmetics is an important part and parcel of millions of individuals across the globe. As time goes, the demand for cosmetics is increasing each year. Manufacturers are trying to meet the demand from their increasing customers. The use of cosmetics has evolved drastically. The manufactures are excessively using dangerous chemicals in their products at the expense of the health of their clients.
Recent studies by the scientist have revealed shocking content of the various cosmetic frequently used in the market. People who use makeup such as lipstick are constantly absorbing or accidentally licking potential harmful PFAS. PFAS is a collective term that describes over 9000 synthetic chemicals that contain carbon bonded to fluorine. They make a strong covalent bond that does not break easily.
Scientists call PFAS "forever chemicals" since they are persistent in the body or environment for so many decades. Scientists have not been able to establish each health effect of PFAS. The few that their effects have been established are associated with thyroid-related diseases, cancer, infertility, reduced immune response, high cholesterol, and other problems. There is no known good PFAS at the moment.
Researchers have revealed that out of the products they tested 52% had a high content of harmful PFAS. Researchers found that waterproof mascara had 82% of PFAS, liquid lipstick with 62%, and eye products such as shadows had 58%. The tested products are majorly intended to be applied close to the eyes or mouth. This increases the chances of licking or absorbing through the skin.
Exposure to PFAS comes from different sources. Some of the cosmetics tested had ingredients that have the potential of decomposing into PFAS such as perfluorooctanoic acid, which has been associated with birth defects and cancer. When cosmetics are washed they may find their way into drinking water. It is not known how much PFAS has the potential of causing harm to the body. Some products were tested for individual PFAS and the resul

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