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The Role of Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification (Research Paper Sample)


How does the recently developed DNA technology help scientists establish a more accurate classification scheme? Information on DNA can often indicate relatedness between organisms and even provide data on how long they have been evolving separately. Discuss the influence of DNA and molecular biology on the future of evolutionary classification.


The Role of Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification
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The Role of Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification
Traditionally, organisms have often been classified based on their phenotypic characteristics. However, the traditional classification techniques fail to provide a more accurate taxonomy, especially for characterless organisms such as fungi and bacteria with unstable phenotypes (Bromham, 2016). Advances in DNA technology allows for superior, more accurate grouping of organisms. The approach relies on sequencing technique that not only gives determinate results of nucleotide sequence but can also be computer-analyzed and stored as bioinformatics (Clark & Pazdernik, 2013). Even though the process is complicated, costly, and time-consuming, DNA sequencing determines the nucleic acid sequence of organisms hence applies to the study of how different organisms evolved and whether or not they are related to one other.
Organisms' DNA structures are inextricably intertwined with their evolutionary history. Through reproduction, plants and animals continually pass genetic information from generation to generation, and the evolutionary information is recorded in the DNA of their offspring. DNA sequencing accesses and analyzes the genetic information passed across generations hence helps create a clearer picture of the origin of species (Rogers, 2017). 

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