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Mitosis and meiosis in human body. Research Paper. (Research Paper Sample)


discuss the difference between the two processes.


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Our bodies are basically formed through cell division right from conception to our demise. The cells in a normal body of a patient are basically divided by mitosis. The process involves a cell dividing itself into two daughter cells. These cells are similar and their number of chromosomes is equal. The process is good for the basic body growth, repair and maintenance of tissues. Similar to mitosis, is meiosis which is vital for sexual reproduction while providing genetic diversity. By it, special cells such as sperm and egg cells are made. Each of these containing half the amount of chromosomes compared to the normal number.
The process is the manner in which somatic cells divide since non-reproductive cells make up most of our body tissues and organs. In this process, the daughter cells known as diploid cells have their chromosomes and DNA similar to those of the parent cell. Normally, mitosis does not create genetic diversity in the heathy cells since diploids and the parent cells have exact DNA. Also, the daughter cells have complete sets of chromosomes. For successful daughter cells to be made the division process involves several phases of cell cycle, which are interphase, prophase, prometaphase, metaphase anaphase telophase and cytokinesis.

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