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Business Information Systems In McDonald's: Transaction Processing (Research Paper Sample)


1. 1 question for 2500 words , choose a company like example Air asia , Mcdonald , Alibaba taobao etc.
2. uk spelling & grammar
3. referenced using harvard method
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Business Information Systems in McDonald's
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Any business is composed of different projects, roles, and activities. Ranging from supply chains, manufacturing, and finance, the business activities are all aimed at ensuring that the business is a success. Different practices are used in ensuring that the business achieves these objectives. The most important of all is decision making. With the correct decision-making practices, the business is able to achieve the desired objectives and ensure that all the practices that it engages in are a success. Business information systems are the practices and infrastructures that are established in the business to ensure that the decisions making process is supported by information and that all the activities are monitored and communicated at the right time. different decisions are critical in a business ranging from the decision on what to produce, which markets to venture in and how to modify the products in order to reach the particular demographic group that the business wants to venture in. such decisions require the support of information in order to ensure that they are the correct or right decisions to make in the business process. By focusing on having the right information to support the decisions made in the business, business information systems support critical departments and processes in the firm and ensure that the objectives desired are achieved or worked towards. To understand this, in this research, the focus will be placed on McDonald's business information processes and understand how these practices have contributed to the success of the business and its growth. It will also practice a good ground on which the significances of business information systems can be understood.
Business information systems.
Businesses information systems entail the technological infrastructure that is involved in the business processes and processing. Ranging from computerized systems to manage the inventory to the systems involved in scheduling transport vehicles, the business information system revolves around all the technology that the business uses in handling all the process in its operations. Information in a business is critical in the operation that the business is involved in. information, in this case, involves the k knowledge of all the materials that are available to be used in the production processes, information about the available capital in the business both liquid and banked capita and their knowledge about All the available workers. These are important details about a business and which would impact the decisions so made in the firm.
In transportation, the business information systems would involve the information about the available transport routes and mediums. Under such information, the transport department in the firm can decide which media to use and which personnel would ensure that this is a success. Important equipment will be delivered by a reliable party that would ensure this is a success. It is also important in ensuring that the business process is profitable. The different variables much are considered such as the cost of fuel and how much it will take to bring the desired profit. The business information systems ensure that the correct decision is so made to achieve this set profit and that in the process, efficiently and other aspects such as customer satisfaction are achieved. This is the core role of the business information system in the transport department.
In many firms such as McDonald's, there are different business information systems that include the Transaction Processing System which enables the operation so all the transaction in that form including sales and inventory management processes. The firm has o tenure that it has all the information necessary that entail the amount of raw material that is in the firm and the amount of labour that is available in the firm. Office Information System ensures that the firm's office processes and personnel management and utilized effectively. Efficiency in the use of all available staff and personnel skills is critical in the firm. Decision Support System is used in ensuring that all the decisions that are made in the firm are well thought of an are the most applicable and generate the best outcome for the firm. This decision support system also invests the determination of all the resources that will be consumer dot achieve the optimal outcome in the firm. Management Information System depends on three important resources which are the people, technology information. Any firm regardless of the size requires the management information system in order to achieve both efficiency and effectiveness in its operation. The success of a affirm is also dependent on an Expert System. An expert system assists in decision making among the available role in the firm. The business process involves critical decision at little time. the expert system provided the critical information necessary to make these decisions and safeguard the operations of the firm at all times. Optimal returns are the basis of all these systems and the business has to ensure that it addresses and utilizes all these resources and achieves the desired optimality through the usage at all the business information systems that are present in the firm.
McDonalds business information systems
McDonald's information systems for the business processes entails a range of different system operations that cumulatively contribute to the operations and success of the business. These systems ensure that the customer satisfaction and the right decisions by the personnel are applied. The entire process comprises of the use of data received either from the client side or the company side. The following are different systems that altogether provide for the success of the firm and which ensures that the firm receives the desired customer satisfaction and make the decisions that contribute to the success of the business.
Transaction processing systems
The transaction processing system is the system involved in ensuring that any transaction handled in the restaurant is recorded and is successful. The overall process involves the collection of information form the transaction which is later used in modifying the service or the products depending on the feedback that has been received. The transaction process also entails the collection of the purchase information to determine which among the services or the products is preferred by most of the clients and how they ensure that they benefit from it. The firm can maximize on the different products that are consumed by the client in the market segment. By combining the data from different market locations, the firm can determine which products are preserved in th...

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