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Nike’s Marketing Communication Strategy (Research Paper Sample)


a research paper of the Marketing Communication Strategy of company of your choice - in this case, nike.


Nike’s Marketing Communication Strategy
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Nike’s Marketing Communication Strategy
A marketing communication strategy is essential for sending the correct marketing message to suitable customers. The right message can help a company obtain and retain customers, thus increasing and maintaining sales. However, for the desired message to reach its target, a business must use the appropriate communication channels. Companies often combine different proportions of personal selling, advertising, celebrity endorsements, sponsorships, direct marketing, and direct selling to achieve this. Nike strategically combines some of these aspects in its unique marketing communication strategy to acquire customers and increase sales.
Nike heavily relies on advertising and endorsements to promote its products. The company utilizes dedicated advertisement campaigns that involve top celebrities to pass its message to its customers (Madej, 2019). Generally, Nike spends millions on advertising in different regions and paying celebrities to endorse its footwear. It customizes its advertisements to relay its fundamental message of elegant high performance among athletes in different sports. It also addresses both male and female athletes in its advertisements using established celebrities like Serena Williams and LeBron James. In these advertisements, Nike emphasizes a disguised message that the most successful athletes worldwide are associated with the company (Madej, 2019). Furthermore, the company uses popular national sporting teams to endorse its products, such as Brazil’s national football team. As a result, many people associate Nike with success and purchase their products more.
Nike also utilizes sponsorship plans to improve its image, acquire customers and make sales. The company sponsors its partners, including national teams and celebrities, by supplying them with different products such as gloves, socks, and sports footwear (Zeewy, 2021). Considering that these teams and celebrities usually have a vast fan base, Nike utilizes that massive following to market its existing and new products. Most fans become attracted to those products and become customers in the process. At the same time, this promotional approach helps Nike maintain a positive image.
Lastly, Nike employs public relations measures to announce its new products and control negative publicity. Nike rarely uses personal marketing tactics. Instead, it focuses on public relations through celebrities and the internet because it is a considerably large company (Madej, 2019). It uses social media and its partners to create a good image and strong relationship with its customers. Even so, negative publicity is common in business, but business owners must tactfully find ways to combat it. For instance, the company uses its public relations strategies to defend itself against accusations of subjecting its employees to poor working conditions with low pay (Riddle, 2016). Nike has had this issue since the 1990s, but it clearly announces its employee wage and w

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