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Principles of Management communications Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


communication effectiveness, especially in the Business environment


Research Paper: Significant Principles of Management Communications
Research Paper: Significant Principles of Management Communications
Communication in business comprises of a complex set of written correspondence, unwritten rules governing speech, and body language, which may differ from one business setting to the other (Strickland, 2019). For business organizations to flourish in their operations, all stakeholders, such as entry-level managers and seasoned capitalists, must observe etiquette in their business communication (Strickland, 2019). Notably, both verbal and non-verbal business communications play a critical role in enhancing a fluid transmission of information and policy (Strickland, 2019). Apart from increasing the productivity of an organization, management communications foster good relationships among the organizational stakeholders as well as promoting and sustaining the organizational relationship with the society. Fundamental management principles, such as purpose, employee recognition, vision, values, honest, and dependable communication, are detrimental to organizational success because they enhance the organizational culture, foster innovative production, lead to high level customer satisfaction, and subsequently lead to high level profitability.
Effective Communication Norms in a Business Setting
There are three distinct forms of communications in a business setting; written, verbal, and non-verbal (Markivic & Salamzadeh, 2018). Verbal communication entails any spoken messages directed to others, either face-to-face or through technological media. Non-verbal, on the other hand, comprises of the various body languages, such as facial expressions, gestures, and body movements, which enhance the meanings of verbal words. Written communication applies to any correspondences, such as letters and emails, sent between groups or individuals. Good managers have excellent communication skills. With such, good managers are keen to display fundamental issues, such as courtesy, personal respect, and adherence to cultural standards of the various organizational stakeholders, which are critical for creating long-lasting, positive impressions with individuals from varying backgrounds (Markivic & Salamzadeh, 2018). Therefore, effective communication norms in a business setting are essential for enhancing cultural competence at the work place.

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