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RACIAL DISPARITIES IN PRISON SENTENCING Creative Writing Paper (Research Paper Sample)


a look at some of the ways racial disparities affects prison sentencing


Racial Disparities in Prison Sentencing
Aliyah Wheeler
Institutional Affiliation
Racial Disparities in Prison Sentencing
Problem Statement
Researchers have evaluated the subject of racial disparities for decades with intentions of striking a middle ground or enhancing a less prejudicial approach to handling matters of race. Part of the racial problem includes the differences in the rates of incarceration between black males and their white counterparts. Mauer (2011), in his study, evaluated the existing trends on incarceration and the disparities existing in this affirming the existence of racial differentiation in the treatment of race in crime. The criminal justice practice and policy have exhibited evidence of the same requiring better improvements in the system to address this problem and find lasting solutions. As part of established views, thoughts included possible reduction of racial disparities in sentencing with a high spread of knowledge of racial segregation in the court system. Hetey and Eberhardt (2018), indicated that the thought promoted by activists and scholars that public awareness of inequality in sentencing would influence a change from these disparities has not been adequate. A further racial gap is evident within the corridors of justice on the treatment of blacks and whites. The racial divide has thus escalated and persisted in the criminal justice system, creating a lasting problem.

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