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Analysis of the Discrimination in Sports (Research Paper Sample)


This task was all about discrimination in the sports industry. Here is a sample of my final paper.


Discrimination in sports
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Discrimination in sports
Discuss discrimination in sports, reference to the theoretical framework and empirical evidence should be included
In the world of sports, discrimination is continuing to become more transparent among different professional sports. Discrimination mainly happens when somebody is treated less favorably than others under the same circumstances, simply because they belong to a specific group of people or exhibit different characteristics. It can either be indirect or direct. Hence discrimination in sport is termed as unequal and unfair behavior of peoples basing on gender, race,religion,ethnicity, or age. Primarily it results in denial of opportunity to these groups of people promotion or even selection gender, racism, and ethnic discrimination are the primary type of discrimination in the world of sports today. Women and migrants are mainly underrepresented in sports, particularly in administrative or executive positions in the sports association. Discrimination in professional sports might originate from the team or the managers(Snook, 2019). Who usually mistreat others and exclude them in some activities. Therefore, we shall discuss the different types of discrimination, solutions, and their effect in the world of sport.
Gender discrimination
In themodern world of sports, gender discrimination has always been a controversial topic. This type of discrimination has existed for many years so far. Women undergo repeated discernment in their entrance to and exercise of both unprofessional and professional game. The shortage of women in sports governing creates difficulty in realizing fairness among women and men in sports activities.
Women, always being the minority in the sports activities, in 1972 congress, United states proposed and passed that no one should be denied an opportunity to participate in the sports and everyone should receive financial help. This act mainly supports females in participating in sports activities and minimizing discrimination stereotypes, and every person should receive financial assistance(Hyre et al., 2017). This act was mainly to support females in participating in sports activities and to minimize discrimination stereotypes.
Consistently, women get no or minimum attention from the media because of the absence of reportage. For instance, when one turns into any sports channel, the games being covered are more likely to be men’s sports. In cases where there is women coverage, the commentator constantly criticizes their body appearance and not their skills. According to the critique by Joshua A. most the commentator usually talks about the body figure, hair, and makeups instead of their ability. For instance, in the 1966 summer Olympics, there was a lack of female athletes' promotion and marketing(Hyre et al., 2017). Their physical body appearance was describing that female athlete. The tone and attitudes of the reporters and the broadcasters showed that the men’s activities were more standard than the women's activities. Every men’s events were reported, and women were omitted.
In athletics, gender discrimination has continuously been an issue. The title bill IX took a while before t was in effect. However, when it becameeffective, no one seriously followed it. Traditionally athletics were considered to be males dominant since women are less treated than men. For example, in the USA, most tertiary institutions have an unfair distribution of the sport participants' resources. Gender equality issue has always been in most of the world today.
Therefore to avoid gender discrimination, women and girls should be supported. Support comes from attending and watching women's sports activities and following them on social media. Besides, developing a policy that will create equality. Women should also have an equal managerial and administrative position just the same as women by encouraging them to pursue careers such as trainers and coaches to improve gender equality.
Racial discrimination
The issue of racial discrimination in sport can be outlined way back from the nineteenth century. In a study made in 2018 at the university of central Florida institute for variety and beliefs in sport, they documented 52 occurrences of ethnic inequality in the united states .when they did worldwide research, they found 137 cases of racist acts in sports activities. This is according to the 41 and 79 actions, correspondingly.
According to Even LeBron James, the famous and individual of the most popularbasketball player, remains not resistant to racism. Before the day of the NBA finals in his speech, Jamesreacted to an occurrence by implying that no matter how wealthy or amount of money it has, or famous or how many people like you, it is not easy to be black in America(Phillips, 2017).
In athletes, black people face challenges by being discriminated by and harassed by fellow teammates, staff, opponents, and even the spectators. They are referred to by all terms or racial slurs and all kinds of insults. Sometimes racial discrimination in sports can become less understandable. In games such as tennis and golf, they do not have racial discrimination since they are played in clubs where one must pay to participate. A perfect instance of race discrimination in sport can be the event of Mark McCammon in 2012, he argued and claimed that he and the rest of the black players were mistreated in Gillingham FC compared to the white players concerning penalty and the punishment for skipping the training, medical treatment, and even demotions.
Sports organizations must not tolerate any racial harassment and discrimination but should instead develop a policy to protect them(Phillips, 2017). The policy should support all races by coming up with proper reporting tools, recording every case seriously, and taking actions towards the offenders. This will make every sport participants, such as athletes, feel more welcoming and safe when participating in the sport
To avoid racial discrimination, support should be given to the athletes who speak out by encouraging and reporting these cases incase one witnesses them. Nobody should buy the knowledge of participantsmust shut up and concentrate sports activities only.While planning the team, the managers and the coaches should ensure that all players are equally included.
Religious discrimination
Religious discrimination in sports involves treating people, the applicant, or the employee unfairly because they belong to particular spiritual or religious beliefs. The research, however, shows that people with no religion are likely to participate in physically active sports compared to people who do not have faith(Blazer, 2012). The study also indicates that there are diverse types of sports that different people do according to their faith. Some religions have a vast difference gap between the activities that men and women participate in. this is mainly influenced by their cultural beliefs on how they are expected to behave and what they should wear.
Many sports activities by religious belief show the difference between ethnicities, which places of interest with the closeness of the connection between the middle of religion and ethnicity of various groups(Blazer, 2012). However, religious discrimination is witnessed in many sports activities all over the world. Athletes or other sports participants can be agitated or bullied through their antagonists or co-players if they somehow get a chance to belong in a specific team. Religious discrimination can be the indirect form, for instance, not accommodating every player’s spiritual need.
The standard ways of conducting things may not fit some religions, such as the Jewish and the Muslims. For example, a Jewish athlete or footballer cannot participate in any activities on Saturday. The same case applies to Muslims since they are not expected to mix and interact with the opposite gender. Some religious may feel uncomfortable wearing the costumes with the sponsors' logo, such as tobacco or alcohol. Some sports uniforms are too revealing, and they expose body parts that are taboo to many religions. Therefore sports dress regulation must consider religious dressing and allow participants to shelter their heads conferring to their faith.
For instance, in 2017, a basketball girl in Maryland was kicked out of their basketball team because he had worn a hijab. She had to miss the regional finals since she had no documentary evidence that her dressing and costume choice was due to religious belief. Although other officials and the coaches did not have any concern all through the period, the divergentinstructor declared a violation of the sporting rules.
Religious sports players and athletes have some special needs during the games time and the practicing time. For instance, when Muslims are required to fast according to their beliefs, many people might believe that fasting participants can be excessivelyfragile to take part in games and other activities(Snook, 2019). However, asking the coach or the trainer to include them is way enhanced than judging and making suppositions about them. Another form of indirect discrimination is not offering breaks to the players of particular beliefs such as the Muslim and providing ample space for their religious observation.
Therefore, to avoid religious discrimination in sports, games, and practices, it should be rescheduled when possible. Some participants are not allowed to participate in some hours of the day or some particular days of the week. Besides, the ...

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