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Desicon Making Education Research Paper Coursework (Research Paper Sample)


The task was to research on decision making and team work. the sample is about how to Avoid making decisions based on emotions,ways of improving decision making, what makes a team truly great,and how to make a team really effective.


Decision Making
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Decision Making
What can one do to prevent making decisions based on emotions?
The first approach is balancing one’s emotions. Reacting instantly probably charged by emotions is never a prudent idea to decision making. Some important factors could be ignored. Noting down the problem will provide enough time to make a better decision (Philips et al.,). The second approach is taking one's time. A decision should never be made during maximum moments of feeling's, have some time to reflect on them. Evaluating the facts is another approach. Hard facts should be analyzed to make sound decisions. Being present is another methodology (Philips et al.,). Decisions should not be determined by our choices in the past. Integrating our feelings with reason is another method. logical reasoning should go hand in hand with our emotions to make good decisions.
What can one do to improve decision-making skills?
Application of logic. By gathering sufficient information relating to the problem, avoiding making decisions based on feelings as this may cloud your judgment, and taking enough time before deciding as it may require careful analysis (Bohm G et al., 2008). The second approach is weighing your options. By evaluating the costs and merits of the decision. Having priorities from low to high by understanding what matters most, considering substitutes where every situation could have numerous different alternatives, and planning in case of future problems. The third approach is looking for aid and advice. One person should not be sole in making decisions. Friends, family, and experts could provide a solution. Taking charge is another approach (Bohm G et al., 2008). After considering all the options, a firm decision is made to avoid wasting time.

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