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Performance management Education Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


the task was to analyze the various factors that influence performance. the sample contains researched information on the five variables that influence performance.


Performance Management
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Performance Management
Variables that Influence the Expatriate Performance Management System
The five variables that influence the expatriate management performance system are; the compensation package, the expatriate’s host environment, the cultural adjustment, the task and role given, and the headquarters support (Bhatti et al., 2014). The compensation package refers to the wage and other benefits an employer offers to an employee. These benefits are not necessarily in monetary form but can also include medical care and policies to enhance work-life balance (Bhatti et al., 2014). The compensation acts as the basic motivating factor to employees as it gives them the reason to work hard and strive for larger achievements. It also ensures retention, which in turn minimizes the turnover rate of the enterprise. Employees are more willing to remain in their roles, and this avoids potential expenditures linked to high turnover rates.

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