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ASD is a Collection of Characteristics of Challenges (Research Paper Sample)


Throughout this course, we learned about exceptional learners and how to best provide an inclusive
classroom experience that embraces ALL learners. As an early childhood educator, you will be
expected to meet the daily challenges of educating and caring for children with diverse needs. Your
final research paper will provide an opportunity for you to apply all of your personal and professional
experiences and new learning in educating exceptional learners, birth to age 8.


ASD is a Collection of Characteristics of Challenges
Etiology of Disability or Disorder
ASD is a collection of characteristics of challenges that range from repetitive social skills to speech and non-verbal communication. Causes of the disability include having a family member who is autistic, exposure to environmental risks, being born to older parents, and premature delivery. The type of assessment includes looking at the behavior and development history of the child.
Educational Implications
A student with ASD has issues with eye gaze, gestural communication, and impairment of language. The child may make exaggerated facial expressions, so communicating with them might not be easy (Ogman & Ogman, 2022). Also, the child has difficulties with motor skills and responding to other students, so they might require extra help to learn.
Observation examples that apply are checklists and teacher-made formative assessments. The teacher can come up with such formative assessments based on the child's needs. The checklist contains the key factors that the instructors look for when observing the child. The lesson gained from the data-driven decision-making practices is to allow every child an opportunity to learn on their own based on their needs.

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