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The Impact of Wealthy Teacher Unions on Public Education (Research Paper Sample)


a literature review that shows the impact of public-sector unions, specifically teacher unions, on k-12 education.I want to emphasize that as unions have gotten increasingly richer, because of Abood vs. Detroit Board of Education, 1977 and the enactment of “fair-share”.As unions have gotten wealthier, boards of education have gotten weaker and more political.Now, with the Supreme Court’s ruling on JANUS v. AFSCME, “fair-share” has impacted the amount of money unions have.Despite this, boards of education remain relatively weak and beholden to unions and politics and student outcomes and achievement has fallen.


Strong Teacher Unions, Weak Boards of Education and Low Student Performance
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Strong Teacher Unions, Weak Boards of Education and Low Student Performance
Teacher Unions are special and influential agents formed to defend and protect the rights and welfare of teachers in the US. All legislations affecting the rights and welfare of teachers and learners in the US has been lobbied and supported by these organizations. Teacher unions are not political organizations, but are labor organizations responsible for securing benefits for teachers and shaping the way education works. Fair-share refers to the fees charged by the union from non-union members for benefitting from collective bargaining and lobbying activities of the union. In the US, fair-share fees ranges from $800-$1000 (Moe & Wiborg, 2017). This money amounts to millions of dollars, considering that teachers K-12 teachers are the third largest members of the public sector in the country (Han & Keefe, 2022). More money means more political power, meaning that as teacher unions have wealthy teacher unions are powerful political influencers. However, as teacher unions have been increasing wealth at the expense of the “fair-share” and earning political mileage, they have also been drifting away from their mandate of strengthening the boards of education. The goal of this paper is to examine and outline how public sector unions, specifically teacher unions have amassed wealth and become more political while weakening the boards of education in the US.

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