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How to Integrate Basic Care with Mental Health Services (Research Paper Sample)


Setting Up My Research
Respond to the following exercises from Chapter One of The Literature Review in 150 to 200 words each. Record the research and null hypotheses for my project.
• Discovering the Subject of my Interest or Issue of Inquiry
• Understanding the Personal Viewpoint
• Selecting the Focus of Your Study
• Developing Your Interest Statement
What are your research and null hypotheses?
Machi, L. A., & McEvoy, B. T. (2016). The literature review: Six steps to success (3rd ed.). Sage.
Pickren, W. E., & Rutherford, A. (2010). A history of modern psychology in context. Wiley.
Salkind, N. J. (2012). Exploring research (8th ed.). Pearson.


Feasibility Studies on How to Integrate Basic Care with Mental Health Services
Student Name
Professor Name
Discovering the Subject of Interest or Issue of Inquiry Biopsychosocial
Integrating primary and mental health care fascinates me since it necessitates primary care in a mental health facility. In some hospitals, nurses have terrible experiences while caring for mental health patients. Patients with physical and mental sicknesses should not be sent to a psychiatric facility. Combining the two forms of treatment will be more helpful in helping the patients recover than treating their physical illness at a different facility from where they are treated for their mental challenges. With aid from mental health specialists, Missouri hospitals and clinics are integrating primary and mental health care. Upon integration, patients are more likely to visit a mental health facility for primary care visits. A primary care physician on-site at a mental health institution is instrumental in helping patients keep up with regular check-ups.

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