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Psychology: Psychotherapy Disorder And How It Affects The Victims (Research Paper Sample)


Psychotherapy disorder and how it affects the victims

Psychology and Psychotherapy Name Institution Affiliation Psychology and Psychotherapy Introduction According to Verschuere et al (2018), a psychopath is a form of a disorder that is associated with callousness, arrogance, antisocial behaviors and self-absorption. This is to say psychopaths are coldhearted and uncaring. In addition, Patrick (2018), elucidated that when psychopathy manifests in an individual it makes them lack the ability to establish a personal relationship with people since they cannot love. Further, psychopaths are egocentric and do not learn from others (Patrick, 2018). Though psychopathy may seem like disconnect from the real world, it is seemingly rational with the reality. argues that psychopathy is caused by a combination of factors: environmental, interpersonal and genetics. Evidence of genetic influence has been seen in cases where children of psychopaths have a higher likelihood of being psychopaths too. In addition, a psychologist has found that harsh early life experience may increase the possibility of becoming a psychopath ( For instance, punishing and harassing the child can cause psychopathy. Scientific studies use Hare's 20-items psychopathy checklist to identify the symptoms of psychopathy. The degree of these traits is then measured on a scale of 0-3 to determine the severity of a trait ( Some of the symptoms that the checklist check for is: lying pathologically, impulsiveness, irresponsibility, lack of guilt, shallow emotions, behavioral problems, parasitic lifestyle and so forth ( According to psychopaths are unable to form personal relationships since they cannot love. This means they do not bond with others. Consequently, since psychopaths are dissocial they have a very low tolerance to frustrations ( Consequently, they are highly aggressive and to some extent violent. This means psychopaths can easily engage in assaults and physical fights. Further, psychopaths are pathologic egocentric considering that they are incapable of loving other people or form personal relationships ( Psychopaths lack social emotions such as guilt, embarrassment and guilt ( Psychologists report noting a lack of remorse to most reactions. This is to say psychopaths lack fear. Psychopaths were also depicted as irresponsible owing to the fact that they are not reliable ( Psychopaths tend to blame others while it is actually their fault ( Even when forced to admit this is not accompanied by shame. Psychopaths also have a trait of lying pathologically. They tend to selfishly distort speech to favor them. Since psychopaths have also been said to have a high level of self-confidence, this makes them makes them easy to believe even when lying ( In addition, psychopaths have been seen to lack response modulation which makes them impulsive ( To explain some of the traits depicted by psychopaths, researchers studied the brain of psychopaths. They found out that psychopaths h...
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