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Qualifications, Trainings, and Challenges of Fire Investigators (Research Paper Sample)


For this assignment, you will interview a fire investigator from your area. Develop a research paper based upon the information and findings gathered in the meeting. Some suggestions on what information to request have been provided below.
 Request a summary of qualifications from the person being interviewed.
 What type of training does he or she have in the fire investigation field?
 What are some of the biggest challenges he or she has when investigating the cause and origin of fires?
 What safety precautions does he or she use when investigating a fire?
 Which fire suppression activities have the most impact on his or her investigation?
 Has he or she found strategies for mitigating this?
 Has he or she testified as an expert in a courtroom?
Your research paper should be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. It should be well-organized, in APA format, and present and clearly address the findings from your research.
Note: Interviews have a unique requirement of in-text citations and no source listing in the reference page. See Page 6 of the CSU Citation Guide for examples.


Fire Investigation Interview
Institutional Affiliation
Fire Investigation Interview
Fire accidents and arson has led to multiple homicide cases across the U.S and the world in extension. Understanding the concept of fire management and crises associated with the form of the accident requires direct interactions with fire-based professionals. In this case, I was keen on meeting an experienced, recognized, and well-skilled fire investigator. I was able to interview Gregory Gorbett, an Eastern Kentucky University fire degree instructor and investigator to understand the profession’s qualifications, training, suppression activities, strategies of mitigations, and testifying roles of fire investigators in courts.
Research Method
Before the interview, I conducted simple research on the causes of fire accidents and strategies for controlling them. Besides, I engaged in multiple discussions with a few classmates (study group) to identify some qualified fire 

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