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The Research Sample Is About Agriculture Revolution


The sample is about agriculture revolution


Davenport University
Research Paper
The current trends have really affected almost all sectors including the farming sector. Various researchers have been busy researching to obtain the best farming methods. Some of the recommendations that they have forwarded have been implemented while some are still hanging. Unlike the past, farming has taken a different direction. Currently, large-scale farmers have opted to subscribe to the use of technology in almost all the farming activities. The use of chemicals like pesticides has become investable. The paper focuses on the current Agricultural trends.
It is evident that farming is one of the most crucial activities. The world of the farmer is one that is comprised of many aspects that may seem simple in nature but in all actuality, they are some of the most complicated aspects of our society that only a few people know about. Raising livestock or crops may seem simple enough but there are many different ways a producer can raise them. A farmer can grow crops and keep livestock in an industrial manner which involves the use of hormones, fertilizers, and even the use of crude vaccines. There is also a different, more profitable manner of growing crops and keeping livestock; this is the organic and free-range of raising livestock and crops. In this manner, animals are allowed to freely roam a large area of land where there is access to food, water and shelter whenever it is needed. Crops are grown in a fashion where there are alternating rows of different crops with a minimal use of pesticides and a use of organic fertilizer in various forms. Industrial farming is heading towards a major decline in its popularity due to the overuse of hormones and vaccinations that lower the quality of the meat. Although the total crop acreage in the United States is less than one percent, the United States is lagging behind other countries such as: “…Switzerland (11 percent), [and] Italy (9 percent)” (Haynes, George, 2016, pg. 179). Despite this lagging, certified organic crop and livestock acreage have grown rapidly since 2010.
Organic Agriculture and produce has been a subject of many debates over the past few decades, much of those debates were about Organic Agriculture being: better for the environment, better promotes biodiversity, better for soil replenishment, better tasting products, and longer shelf-life in certain situations. Organic Agriculture is defined by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as “Organic agriculture produces products using methods that preserve the environment and avoid most synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics” (United States Department of Agriculture, 2016). Industrial Agriculture, as defined by the Union of Concerned Scientists is “…the system of chemically intensive food production… featuring enormous single-crop farms and anim...

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