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Childhood Immunization And Its Importance, Type Of Vaccines, Trends (Research Paper Sample)


The paper discusses childhood immunization and its importance, type of vaccines, trends and risks associated in detail.


In this report, we will discuss the importance of childhood immunization and what are the benefits associated with vaccinations for childhood. The study will identify the benefits of childhood immunization along with the core elements of routine immunization which needs to be performed by the parents in both developed and developing countries. Apart from that, level of childhood immunization will also be discussed in the report along with the schedule that needs to be followed for every child. The precautions which is required to be taken before the childhood vaccine will also be identified that can ensure the safety and well-being of the health of the child. At the latest section of the report, we will also identify some of the trends in childhood immunization all over the world along with the major challenges which can be faced while confronting immunization in the developing countries. At the end, proper conclusion and Recommendation will also be provided to ensure that childhood immunization can be available to every part of the world.
Today, every child needs to have routinely vaccines so that they can be protected from a dozen of diseases which include polio, diphtheria, tetanus, Pertussis (DTaP), measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, pneumococcal, etc. Childhood immunisation is known as a Process where a person is made resistant or immune to a number of infectious diseases typically using vaccine (Chambers et al, 2009). These vaccinations are developed from weakened or that version of germs and bacteria which can be responsible for causing the disease. Whenever the child is exposed to these vaccinations, the immune system which is the bacteria-fighting system develops antibodies which can protect them from contracting the disease if they are exposed to actual bacteria. These childhood immunization vaccinations are completely safe and no evidence has been found that proves it harms the children. Even though the reaction of every children to these vaccinations can vary, the only thing that needs to be known are the benefits associated with the vaccinations which easily outweighs the possible side effects (Chambers et al, 2009).
ation, it is also necessary to understand sum of its major elements. Routine immunization refers to the process by which the country offers life saving vaccines to the children and control and eradicate fatal diseases (Wroe, 2005). It is considered as a process of timely vaccinations regularly which helps the country to reduce mortality and morbidity. The entire process needs to be enabled by the health system of the country and should be maintained through a number of Management subsystems. It requires to be provided on a sched

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