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Cultural Representations Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Cultural Representations


Cultural Representations
Institutional affiliation
Apple – Accessibility – Sady
The first video to analyze is Apple – Accessibility – Sady. The explicit messaging is that disability is not an inability, and the disabled can perform any activity with technology. Throughout the messaging, there is an incorporation of ideologies and values. Explicit messaging is that Apple products can help people with various disabilities perform their daily routine activities. The aim of the messaging is to challenge disabled people to use Apple products in their daily activities. There is a high-context culture as the situation, non-verbal elements, and people are critical in the video compared to the words communicated an implicit message on using Apple products to solve challenges relating to disability. The low-context culture is depicted in the explicit communication of disabled persons' ability to perform various activities satisfactorily with minimal help from other persons. The video presents a stereotype that people with disabilities cannot function effectively without the aid of technology. Throughout the video, the creator depicts disabled people relying on technology to perform daily activities, which is not always the case.
Although technology helps people with disabilities by making it easier to perform most of the activities, it does not mean that they will not be able to perform the actions without it. The current technologies are likely to revolutionize individual life by breaking barriers and expanding access for persons with disabilities. However, it is also evident that such assistive technologies can contribute to social exclusion forms among individuals with a disability (Foley & Ferri, 2012). Sharing this message can help in changing the perception of people about the abilities of people with disabilities. In the video, disabled persons can perform tasks effectively without depending on other persons. Therefore, it will help eliminate the negative perceptions held by the majority of the people in the society towards this population.

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