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Data Analysis (Research Paper Sample)


This is a research Paper on Data Analysis using SPSS software. It shows how Data is analyzed and corresponding graphical representations are conducted. An example of an Histogram has been drawn.


Data Analysis
Institutional Affiliation
A syntax file is a file editor in an SPSS program, which shows how data is input into SPSS before it is generated into the output to give the output files. In addition, charts are used in statistical analysis to give a profound explanation of the output. The steps used in data analysis are simple and easy to comprehend (Pallant, 2010). Charts are many in numbers. For example, the charts, which can be generated in an SPSS file, are the graphs and tables.
Consider a questionnaire below of a researcher who is interested in determining the social demographic characteristics of people in a certain locality.
Statistical results
The following is a summary of the frequencies obtained in the analysis using the SPSS syntax and then generating the outputs based on the information.
StatisticsRESPONDENTS SEX NValid1500Missing0

RESPONDENTS SEXFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValidMALE70547.047.047.0FEMALE79553.053.0100.0Total1500100.0100.0 The respondents were 1500 in total. The male respondents were 705 while women respondents were 795 in number. This represents a cumulative percent of 47 % and 53% respectively, hence there were more women recorded that male. A pie chart can be drawn to represent the above information better for easier interpretation as shown below: From the pie chart shown, it is clear that we had more women respondents than men.

StatisticsAGE OF RESPONDENT NValid1495Missing5Mean46.22Median45.00Mode40Std. Deviation16.679Range71Minimum18Maximum89
Another syntax file and its output are shown in terms of distribution of respondents’ age. From the above table, the number of individuals who responded was 1495 out of the expected 1500. The minimum age recorded was 18 while the maximum was 89 years, giving a range of 71 years. Ranges are used statistically to explain how the ages are distribut...
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