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Email Marketing Assignment: Good Experimental Design (Research Paper Sample)


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Experimental designs can simply be described simply as the plan that is involved in assigning specific units of experiment to the treatment conditions. There are some specific factors that are put into consideration when determining the ability of experimental designs.
The functions that a good experimental design should serve include the following:
A good experimental design should be flexible enough to allow the experiment to take on its cause. The experiment should be able to analyze and define the relationship that are visible between the variables; independent and the dependent. Apart from causation, the other factors that should be put into consideration include control and the variability.
The experiment should be able to bring out very clear explanations on the variables that are not independent in nature. The experiment should be able to sort out other alternative explanations that are obtained during the process of carrying out the experiment. These values are obtained due to the varying values that may be obtained during the experiment. In summary, the experimental design should give out space for the experiment to take control of itself. The values obtained should come out clearly from the experiment.
This is another important factor to be put into consideration during the formation of an experimental design. This is mainly an issue of concern due to the treatment conditions. The ability of the values to vary are reduced. The differences between the various treatment conditions can be clearly detected and necessary corrections done (Tschabitscher, 2017).
An experiment is always being set up in order to decide the possible outcomes. Predictor is a variable that is always being formed when there are serious changes that occur in the preconditions during an experiment. When the second variable is interfered with, the predictor will also change accordingly. This variable is known as the outcome variable. Therefore the performance of experimental design is determined by the choosing of the best predictors and the corresponding outcome variables.
The experimental designs have main features that are of high concerns. The features include the ability to come out with the best validity, reliability and the most suitable replicability.

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