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Employees Motivation Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The task here is to look factors leading to employees motivation. Sample has discussed some of the major factors leading to this and looking upon for recommendations to the organisation.


Employee Motivation Improves Organizational Performance
Employee Motivation Improves Organizational Performance
Employee motivation has led to improved performance of diverse organizations, thus convincing upcoming organizations to apply similar approaches. Different factors motivate employees when performing their duties, and that increases overall organizational performance. Organizational commitments create motivation factors, while organizational leaders also strategize employee motivation approaches. Additionally, employees create motivating surrounding and related factors that encourage their performance. Therefore, motivation factors from organizations, leaders, and employees improve overall organizational performance. However, some arguments propose that dictatorship leadership and punishments lead to improved organizational performance. This research paper argues that employee motivation improves organizational performance, and refutes opposing arguments that support employee oppression in improving organizational performance.
First, organizational commitment clarifies organizational culture, goals, and targets to all employees, thus encouraging work towards improving organizational performance. Jensen (2018) research study points out that organizational culture directs employees to have a common focus in the workplace. All organizational goals are incorporated when structuring organizational culture, and they are maintained when hiring new employees. Beardwell and Thompson (2017) support human resources alignment to organizational culture when seeking to improve performance. Therefore, employees try to maintain the organizational culture and goals they learn, and that improves overall organizational performance. Organizations have to play their commitment role by aligning employees to organizational culture and objectives and thus improve performance.

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