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Work Life Balance Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Work Life Balance


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Discussion Question
Work-Life Balance
Promoting professional and personal balance has a symbiotic benefit for both the employers and employees of a given organization. For the employers promoting a work-life balance notice improved productivity of their employees. Many organizations have adopted work-life balance strategies to bit competition from other organizations. This has been easier said than done not all organizations can benefit from this system (Nizam & Kam, 2018). The nature of the work that the employees have to deal with might affect the overall productivity of a given organization. The employees will be able to work on a schedule that they can be most productive. This flexibility will make employees more efficient and productive. Employees will be motivated to work when they have flexible time to work. As accentuated in the views of Braun & Peus (2018), motivation is prone to reduce stress, and thus no one will think of quitting because they cannot handle the work-life balance. Giving employees a choice to work from home will make them more satisfied at work. This will reduce the employee turnover. Clients of a given organization will be served well and will thus create a good recommendation about the company. This will make the reputation of the company to go up.

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