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Gender- Affirming Hormone therapy to Transgender Adolescent Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Was tasked to research on gender affriming hormone therapy to transgender adolescents


Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy to Transgender Adolescents
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Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy to Transgender Adolescents
Transgender teenagers today are struggling with the issue of gender affirming Hormone therapy. Some fear going for the therapy with the worry of what their families and friends will think about their decision. I feel that it is crucial for medics to administer this therapy to those patients who are ready and willing to get the therapy. A good example is the case study of DR. Lao who has developed expertise in counseling transgender adolescents. He uses his position to talk to his client Jessie and ensure that Jessie is ready and willing to take up the therapy. Beneficence and autonomy are the two ethical principles that guide medics to ensure provision of this services (Abel, 2014). Consequently, the legal principle of justice and the professionalism core of non-maleficence are important factors in the entire practice. The role of medics is to come up with interventions that help patients manage their medical problems. The ethical, professionalism and legal principles are useful in ensuring that medics perform their duties in a reliable and safe manner. Therefore it is ethical to administer gender-affirming hormones therapy to transgender adolescents.

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