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Water Treatment Disinfection Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


1-I want 3 summaries from 3 different references ( sources ) .A,B and C
- summary 1 has maximum 200 word from source A, paper number 1
-summary 2 has maximum 200 word from source B, paper number 2
-summary 3 has maximum 200 word from source C, paper number 3
NOTE: each summary should include SAFTY ,ENVIRMENTAL IMPACT AND COST of these methods
• Chlorination (various methods)
• Ozonation
• Ultraviolet Light (UV)
• Chloramine


Semi-Formal Recommendation Report
Treating Drinking Water – Chemical Process
You must read the case study (below) and write a recommendation report:
1 explaining the background information on your topic
2 giving concrete evidence (graphs, research, etc…) and information on your research topic
3 recommending a specific course to follow with reasons for your decision based on information presented in the body of your report
Qatar Petroleum has decided to explore oil and gas options for a site located in a remote part of Nigeria. Access to potable (drinkable) water is a concern to the company. Water importation is both impractical and expensive, and a permanent water treatment facility does not reflect the short-term nature of the project. These two options have been discarded. A local small-scale water treatment and management system will be needed. A local river will provide the water supply. Various elements are involved in treating water, including disinfection, filtration, corrosion control, ion exchange and demineralization. Your task for this project is to study exclusively the various methods of disinfection and make a recommendation based on what you’ve learned. The health of your workers will depend on your report, so be thorough.

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