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Ethical dilemma in Nursing Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Ethical dilemma in Nursing


Ethical dilemma in Nursing
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Ethical dilemma in Nursing
Nursing is a demanding profession that requires a sound mind, accurate decision-making abilities, and much concentration. Nurses are faced with severe challenges that require rapid, yet informed decisions that can effectively affect the life of a patient. As a person, the ability to make sound decisions under intense pressure is sometimes challenging, and therefore, a person requires learning the art of managing panic and distress. For one to qualify as a practical nurse, listening skills tops the priority list as one must follow keenly whatever they are instructed by the doctor to do. Following the ethical codes of conduct that are set for the sake of emergencies is essential in saving lives as well as avoiding preventable mistakes.
The nurse in the text scenario is expected to perform duties that can either save the life of the overdosed woman or tamper with her will, which can lead to a lawsuit. The nurse is required to decide on whether she should place JoEllen on life support, or she should leave her unattended as the patient requested. The nurse is placed in a tight position, as the decision she needs to make requires instant action that can probably affect her future as a practitioner. The nurse is required to recommend to the attending health professionals the best way to handle the scenario.

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