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Nutritional Analysis of the Surgical Technologist (Research Paper Sample)


Summary of both the data collected in the 3-day diary, as well as the information gathered through the interview process.
• Analyze the data and interview to include insights, impressions, reactions and commentary about the person and her nutritional practices. As a part of this analysis, make some recommendations with regard to improving the subject’s diet, in order to maximize their goals. When making these recommendations, be sure to cite your sources using APA formatting


Nutritional Analysis of the Surgical Technologist
Due Date
Nutritional Analysis of the Surgical Technologist
The paper aims to investigate nutrition analysis upon surgical technologies. In support of clinical results exhibited, patients for nutritional risk and those who received nutritional sustenance would need to meet guidelines when taking inappropriate diet manner and ensure they are in line with the necessary measure for healthy functions. This may help in surgical technologies. From this perspective, the study was conducted for hospitalized patients in one of the affiliated hospitals from 2018 to 2019. The university committee approved the research protocols and patients who signed the informed forms for such consent (Lewis, 2008). The hospital data were collected based on nutrition activities, which necessitated screening, parenteral nutrition, impediment, length of hospital stay, and surgical information. From the research, 510 patients turned up for nutrition analysis, and they were enrolled. For those patients, they received nutritional support that was able to meet the policy. Such occurrence is infectious and complicated lower than that of the patient who didn't attain the required protocols. The subgroup has an analysis that shows individuals who received the combination of parenteral nutrition (PN) and enteral nutrition (EN) in about seven days or more. This is enough time to handle such study. Patients who have a nutritional effect have to undergo risk abdominal surgery and nutrition support that would enable them to acquire the recommended nutrient parameter. This may reduce complications during surgical operations.
Nutrition has support for clinical use in approximate more than 30 years, and more countries have ensured scientific nutrition improvement for specific standards. However, there are practices that patients would receive nutrients that would not meet the required procedures. This has more amino acid or nutritional support for insufficient amounts, which has the duration for conversion of such components (Amado & Ruiz de Infante, 2019). The situation measures the amounts of nitrogen and energy similar to elements recommended for nutritional support and more guideline based on theoretical amounts. They are suitable for ameliorating human affections. Nutritional support and procedure have the approach that would help meet the upshot, rather than support that patient finds it to be risky for nutrients. Furthermore, the permissive has low-nutrient which would take the results that would improve clinical development to patients whom they have to undergo surgical association to the number of nutrition support among patients after making the conduct surgery at a lower cost. When nutrition support and nutrients have to be taken into position, this would have resulted in acquiring the outcome compared to patients who have received nutrition support and would not be addressed.
Research topic
The research has taken into control in which nutrition analysis would have benefits for surgical technicians. This ensures that those who undergo surgery and those who have already experienced needed to make full recognition of diet as an essential role. This would affect the operation activity and functions, requiring much bleeding, quick recovery, and minimum pain. From the survey, it is noted that nutrition is a critical aspect when undergoing surgery. And such factor would be an added advantage not only in surgery but also in the health system.
Literature Review
Nutritional status for the patient
Most patients who undergo surgery need to take much consideration for nutrition. This would help increase food intake to strengthen immune and increase defensive mechanism in the body. This has to occur more frequently when the body is undergoing surgery. The removal of body tissues and body cells would again amount to more nutrient requirements by the body (Georgi Abraham, 2013). Therefore, it is essential that one needs to take more nutrients for those who have already done surgery.
Nutrition analysis (Physical Factors)
When conducting nutrition as a subject, it entails more aspects that concern the health of a person. For this case, there are is that part comprises of both food and physical exercise. Physical exercise has to ensure that the body is fit and ready before and after surgery. From the scientist, body weights loss should be considered before surgery. This implies simple nutritional frequency obtained after conducting the global assessment for long used clinical practices. In this case, there is more to do with losing weight increased age. This comes along with the advancement of diseases at every stage (Georgi Abraham, 2013). For the case of intestinal tumor and Lauren diffuse shows tumor that was located on cardia. It further showed an increasing bodyweight that has to be lost and more significant in reducing the resectability rate. No association was to look after such aspect. At the end of observation, it was realized that most of the patients has to take control in reducing their body weight. This would help in reducing the number of healing sessions after surgery and faster recoveries or healing.
There is increasing and clear evidence that may be observed in patients' age, the relationship between the surgical outcomes and sarcopenia. This is shown so that the skeletal muscle and the strength as the main contribution to whole frailty. Sarcopenia is the presence of enormous proportions for patients with significant contribution towards overall frailty. Sarcopenia takes the perspective of intolerance and chemotherapy, survival, and surgical complication. This effect shows how the body would determine the kind of action taken if confronted with a disease such as cancer, where serious surgery technicians need to take serious measures.
From the undergoing health reforms and better improvement for a health care system that is standardized for medical management and the behavior for medical institution which ensures there is the promotion of new guidelines that are subject to standard nutrition support. Those who undergo surgical action have riskiness in nutrition which would be recommended by most of the clinical practices and measures (Ladino et al., 2016). From the study, it shows the case where congruent are not subjected to recommendations. The perspectives offer an approximate of about 65% to patients for nutrition risk. Those who undergo most of the surgeries and have not experienced nutrition support are more consistent with recommended trails. The primary purpose of inadequate support and procedures is preliminary screening of nutrition at nutrition and insufficient information concerning the nutrition concept to those undergoing surgeries operation on a broader perspective. The reason for nutritional support is mainly determined by the physician and would be based on factors such as hypoproteinemia, general critical condition, and insufficient food intake.
More significantly, it is found that nutrition did not meet the standards, which would be associated with higher number of incidences for more infectious that would complicate and has complete complication to the person who has undertaken the surgery operation. However, the prudent have qualified the results obtained by modifying and confounding factors such as age, bodyweight loss, and the average amount of calories. To adjust confounding factors may be possible and would be more precise in evaluating more impacts for nutrition and incidence for diseases affection and most patients undernutrition risk.
Ideally, the research has enabled the summary, ensuring the current status and various nutrition aspects of surgery. The primary endpoint for surgery is to keep improving on survival. Such a role for nutrition in treatment would provide the support that is more perioperative when making the patient wound due to surgery (Ladino et al., 2016). Full direct evidence is more difficult to obtain in any of the fields of nutrition. The evidence would be generated through prospective, and there would be a well

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