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Evaluating Potential Change Theories and Leadership Strategies (Research Paper Sample)


The paper identified an issue at baylor university medical center through an interview with a surgical nurse at the institution. the identified issue, which were post-surgical complications were to be sorted out through an interdisciplinary team. The study recommended the Plan-Do-Study-Act change model, which is especially useful in the nursing workplace. the study ascertained that When nurses conduct their investigation and determine the best improvements they can make in their job setting in order to provide better services to their patients.


Interview and Interdisciplinary Issue Identification
Student’s Name
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Interview and Research in Healthcare Practice
Nurses’ duties usually range from caring for patients in the hospital, communicating with doctors about the patients’ needs, and administering medicinal drugs while checking for vital signs. Nursing is the largest category of healthcare job in the US. If an issue arises in their field, nurses usually identify any room for improvement for the identified issue. In such a case, they adopt the PDSA cycle, which is the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle (Donnelly & Kirk, 2015). This model permits nurses to implement their concepts and improve on issues they’ve identified at their workplace.
Summary of the Interview
I piloted an interview with a colleague so that I could identify an arising issue at our workplace. My interview took the format of a structured interview where I took the interviewee through a set of pre-determined questions and regular prompts while I recorded the responses to my questions.
My interviewee was a surgical nurse at the Baylor University Medical Center. Her name is Stacy Flynn, and she is tasked with providing care and monitoring post-surgical patients in the medical facility. Her other duties involve administering medications to post-surgical patients, examining the vital signs of the patient, drawing and analyzing their blood, and aiding post-surgical patients with their essential needs. From the interview, Stacy is aware of the interdisciplinary method of approaching issues and admits that her organization encourages this approach.
She also mentions that every department at her health facility has a selected leader of the nurses, who, with the lead doctor at the facility, walk through the facility every morning in every department. These departmental morning walks are also done with the assistance of a pharmacist to identify the best way to assist a patient after assessing their condition. In this way, the lead doctor, the departmental lead nurse, and the health facility pharmacist collaborate to discuss the medical condition of the patient and the best medical service the patient can be offered to assist him best.
Identified issue
As a surgical nurse, Stacy’s primary role is to offer care and medical assistance to patients who’ve had surgeries or are prepared to have surgery. For instance, patients who are to be operated on are educated about the surgery, the possible and common complications that could probably occur from this surgery, any sign of infection, and the healing process (Interview with Stacy Flynn). The nurse also told of how she was concerned about post-surgical complications, which are more prevalent in patients who refuse to exercise after their surgeries. Examples of these complications are atelectasis and deep vein thrombi (DVT). Stacy noticed that despite the recommended exercise and education of patients on post-surgery complications, these problems should be tackled.

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