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Gouty Arthritis (Research Paper Sample)


There is 3 part in this essay.
Part 1 easy paragraph present each topics.
1.General description, 2.pathophysiology, 3.symptoms, 4.treatment, 5.prognosis, 6 conclusion.
Part 2 there is 5 question must answer with 1 full line.
1. What two main points did you understand from the abstract
2. What method were used to conduct research? Why were they appropriate?
3. What key finding did you see in the results?
4. Provide a summary of the author’a conclusions?
5. Were the conclusions accurate for the results presented in the paper?
Part 3 must have reference through the assignment section and at the end.
Reference must be place within the text to show which part were referenced( citing source, page number, paragraph number) and quote material must be placed within quotation marks.


Student name
Instructor name
Gouty Arthritis
Gouty arthritis is the most common type of inflammatory arthropathy. It is incurable but manageable. Gout has four clinical manifestations: asymptomatic hyperuricemia, acute Inflammatory arthritis, the inter-critical duration, and acute tophaceous gout (Bruce and Daristotle 12). Flare management, chronic gout management, prevention, and comorbidity management are all aspects of gout management. Newer drugs in the pharmacological arsenal are proving successful and are supplementing older ones (David). Other essential aspects of its management include patient education, dietary and lifestyle changes, and the elimination of hyperuricemia drugs.
General description
Grout arthritis is the seventeenth biggest cause of mortality in the globe, according to the “US Department of Health and Human Services”. Grout is a kind of arthritis that is incurable and characterized due to the creation of tiny crystals inside and around joints (Hasina 2-3). Grout Arthritis often strikes persons in their 30s or older, bringing a sudden onset of intense pain in one or more joints, most commonly the person's big toe, leading the individual to be unable to walk correctly. The disease primarily affects men over 30 and women following menopause. Gout attacks males frequently than women in general (Melvin 6). There have been times when episodes get worse, known as relapses, and times when there is no common symptom at all, widely recognized as remissions. Gout may be exceedingly painful and incapacitating, but it is treatable and manageable with medicine and self-care measures.
Gout is a metabolic condition that interferes with the body's capability to regulate urate

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