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How has Remote Healthcare Transformed Care Delivery? (Research Paper Sample)


the assignment required me to choose a topic in healthcare that has demonstrated growing application of technology. I utilized three sources to draft the paper that demonstrates how remote care is a topic that needs further research. notably, the client attached a rubric which was to be followed to deliver the final document


Remote Healthcare: How has Remote Healthcare Transformed Care Delivery?
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This course paper explores how remote healthcare technologies have transformed care delivery to various patients in the world. In particular, the paper examines how rapid technological developments in the past decade have changed how care providers administer remote healthcare services to patients with different chronic and complicated conditions. The paper discusses how remote healthcare technologies have reduced face-to-face diagnosis and transformed healthcare to be patient-centred. It also analyzes how these technologies are utilized in the healthcare field by examining the survey results collected from the questionnaire administered to a population of 50 patients. Finally, it explores the recommendations that should be considered to make the future of remote healthcare practices efficient in the rapidly evolving world.
Remote Healthcare: How has Remote Healthcare Transformed Care Delivery?
Introduction to Remote Healthcare Services
In the past decade, most sectors have witnessed rapid technological developments, and the healthcare sector has not been left behind. The sector has witnessed rapid developments that have changed how healthcare institutions administer services to their customers. A few years ago, medical diagnosis was performed through face-to-face interactions where patients had to stay in hospitals during their entire treatment period. The model of examining patients physically is known to be costly since it strains healthcare and financial resources (Pradhan, Bhattacharyya, and Pal, 2021). However, the technological innovations that have been witnessed in recent years have made it easier for healthcare professionals to change their mode of diagnosing and monitoring patients. According to Malasinghe, Ramzan, & Dahal (2019), the healthcare sector has changed its course by utilising simple technologies to monitor patients outside hospitals. These technologies allow healthcare practitioners to monitor patients, detect diseases on time, reduce congestion in hospitals, and improve the efficiency of healthcare services ( Malasinghe, Ramzan, & Dahal, 2019). These technological changes have reduced the number of deaths by increasing the quality of healthcare services in various regions around the world.
There are several advantages associated with remote healthcare services. First, these services allow healthcare practitioners to detect diseases earlier before their symptoms escalate. Second, they allow these healthcare service providers to continuously monitor the state of a patient. Third, they make it easy for doctors to prevent the worsening of diseases in case of emergency 

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