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Impact of PTSD on Returning Veterans from Imminent Danger Areas Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Provide a detailed literature review on the Impact of PTSD on Returning Veterans from Imminent Danger Areas.


Impact of PTSD on Returning Veterans from Imminent Danger Areas


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among military veterans occur due to traumatic or life-threatening events that military service members experience while in service. When fighting in the frontline, soldiers encounter life and death situations. At times, the soldiers are subjected to dehumanizing experiences such as physical torture, rape, sexual exploitation and involuntary servitude (Yedlinsky, Neff & Jordan, 2019). When the veterans return home from the warfront, the war accompanies them through these traumatic memories, paving way for PTSD and its adverse consequences on the veterans physical, social, emotional and psychological wellbeing. While PTSD is not exclusively a military problem, combat veterans experience extremely severe and more prolonged effects of the condition than members of the general population.
Literature Review
According to Yedlinsky, Neff and Jordan (2019), the early manifestations of PTSD among war veterans include involuntary, recurrent or intrusive thoughts about experiences and events in the battlefield in a manner that disturbs their peace of mind or inhibits their psychosocial functioning. As the condition progresses, the veterans begin to experience dissociative states or distressing dreams, and may leave in constant fear of the unknown. When exposed to triggering events such as a violent movie or an explosive sound, the veterans with PTSD may experience severe psychological distress or episodic psychological reactivity.

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