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How the Syrian refugee crisis has effected the middle easts Paper (Research Paper Sample)


- Topic: How the syrian refugee crisis has affected economies of countries in the middle east negatively?
- Thesis Statement: Please contact me immediately so we can agree on a thesis statement
- 10 Academic sources. Please make sure the sources are academic. APA Format
- Note: Throughout the essay, you may use middle eastern countries such as turkey lebanon and jordan as examples. It is not limited to one country.


Negative Impacts of the Syrian Refugee Crisis to the Middle-East Economies
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Negative Impacts of the Syrian Refugee Crisis to the Middle-East Economies
Extensive conflicts represent a leading challenge for the Middle East countries, given the frequent and severe wars in the region than any other part of the world. The Syrian Civil war is an excellent example of the conflicts that led to the refugee crisis in the area. Neighboring countries, such as Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon, continue to bear the most brunt of the Syrian conflict after the European players prevent further intrusion by the Middle Eastern asylum pursuers. According to an article published by Hudson Institute, Heinrichs (2016) reported that more than 250,000 Syrians lost their lives in the civil war, and 11 million, representing half of the population, were forced to leave their homes as Islamic State jihadists, rebels, and pro-President Bashar al-Assad forces vied for power. In neighboring Middle East countries, such as Lebanon, more than 20 of the population are Syrians. Thus, this scenario depicts that a significant number of people were displaced within the country during the Syrian conflicts while others fled to neighboring nations, causing a humanitarian crisis. To that end, the Syrian refugee crisis emerged as a Signiant challenge due to the negative effects it brought to the Middle East nations. The Syrian refugee crisis led to undesirable effects on the Middle Eastern countries because it brought social, economic, and political challenges, especially to Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon. 
Economic Implications
A robust body of economic literature based on the seminal examination of the refugee crisis's impact on local and neighboring markets has yielded interesting results. Balkan, Tok, Torun, and Tumen (2018) analyzed the labor market influence on a high influx of migrants, validating that refugees' arrival had a noteworthy impact on employment and wages. Other studies that adopted a historical viewpoint in a bid to assess the influence of massive arrivals of the population on the host country found increased levels of unemployment and a decline in annual salaries. In view of these previous findings and focusing on the current Syrian refugee crisis, the informal influx of people who overwhelmingly lacked work permits in neighboring countries, such as Jordan and Lebanon, led to a negative impact for workers in the host community. Shellito (2016) studied the impact of refugee inflow and found that there were cases of higher-wage formal jobs, leading to occupational challenges to workers in the host country. Their findings suggest that the Syrian refugees' influx in Turkey led to an increased average wage of Turkish wages due to the variation in employment composition. Shellito concluded that refugee immigration from Syria to Turkey, Lebanon, and other neighboring countries in the Middle East has substantially affected the employment outcomes of natives in host countries, even though the impacts on wages remain negligible. Their conclusive statements assert that notable loss of employment among informal Turkish laborers due to the refugee inflow from Syria. As a consequence, Rother, Pierre, Lombardo, Herrala, et al. (2016) establish a reduction in consumer prices in the neighboring regions where the refugees arrived. 

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