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Thailand Research Paper History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The Nation: History and government, educational systems, land and climate, economy, transportation and communication systems, health, sanitation, and medical facilities, scale of map of the country.
I need research on the country of thailand and needs to be on the guidelines of the topics above.


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Thailand Research Paper
History and Government
Thailand comprises some of the ancient settlements in the world. Homo erectus, who lived about 1 million years, was discovered in Thailand (Brown 2). Besides, it is associated with prehistoric periods such as the emergence of agriculture 6500 years ago, the Bronze Age that occurred 4000 years ago, and early urbanization approximately 2400 years ago. Chinese records reveal the presence of cities and towns in most parts of Thailand. It reached its peak population between 600 and 1400 AD, with settlements guarded by moats and walls. The kingdoms of Lan Na and Sukhothai and some Thai principalities were stabilized by the 13th century, a period defined by art, architecture, and crafts. Thailand attained greater cultural and political achievements as the Kingdom of Ayutthaya emerged between 1350 and 1767 AD (Brown 3). The era was marked by great democracy and trade. After Ayutthaya was destroyed in 1761, the Thai Army was compelled to move south to regroup and reclaim their kingdom. The center of power shifted to Kung Thep, and Bangkok—the current capital city—, was founded in 1782. The kingdom has predominantly been ruled by the Royal House of Chakri.
Thailand’s government system is a constitutional monarchy, and the Chief of State and Head of Government rule the country. The current Chief of State is King Wachiralongkon, and the Head of Government is Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha. A committee formed by the military junta drafted Thailand’s constitution and adopted it in 2007 (Brown 4). The military illegalized the public criticism of the draft. The document contains people’s rights and freedoms, government structure, Thai citizens’ duties, and direct civil political participation, among other aspects.
Land and Climate

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