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Cryptocurrencies IT & Computer Science Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


research paper concerning the bitcoin cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Investment
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Block chains are shared and free to use ledger on which the Bitcoin cryptocurrency depends on. The block chain allows Bitcoin wallet to calculate their balance and allow for verification of new transactions. Many people have opted to investing in bitcoins since it considered secure, easy and fast. Investors and entrepreneurs have sank their feet into the bitcoin business since it has proved to have a pleasant payback. The whole structure of the order of block chain is secured by cryptography. The Bitcoin is a currency that was introduced in 2009, allowing people to exchange bitcoins using different currencies. With the growing improvement of the the global community, nearly everything now depend on the internet. Bitcoin currency, which relies heavily on the use of the internet has grown popular among many people who do transactions online. This paper analyzes the bitcoin currency in depth and provides an explanations of the bitcoin cryptocurrency being used as a means of investment.
Ever since the introduction of Bitcoin emerged, online transactions have taken a different turn because it is a new currency and there for it is dependent. As it is electronic in nature and has been enforced a security via cryptography, many people have grown to use it and others consider it as their primary currency in online transactions.

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