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Final Project Network Security Plan It & Computer Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


You have been working as a technology associate in the information systems department at Corporation
Techs for three months now. You have conducted a network survey and developed a basic network
design intended to provide security for private network resources and publically exposed Web services.
Your manager specified that all information transferred between the sales team in the field and the
organizational servers must be protected against snooping. The manager also wants the secured
reporting site to be available only through the organization's private network so that an outsourced
network-based intrusion detection system (NIDS) service can log all connections.
You need to recommend a network design and identify hardening strategies intended to meet the
requirements. To do so, you must:
1. Access the PCAP and other scan data for this project.
2. Conduct research and determine the best network design to meet the stated requirements.
3. Research hardening strategies and identify recommended mitigation strategies for identified
4. Identify mechanisms for secure network access by remote users, both in terms of secure Web
access as well as reporting access conducted using the private network.
5. Develop a network security plan including network realignment, hardening practices, and policies
for remote resource access.
6. Identify expectations from recommended changes and provide justification for each
recommendation in simple language so that primary stakeholders are able to understand it.
7. Create a professional report detailing the information above, presented as a recommendation for
a network security realignment project for Corporation Techs. Include persuasive justification and
measurable expectations as part of this recommendation.
Write the network design results as detailed in the instructions above. Your plan should be made using a
standard word processor format compatible with Microsoft Word.


Course Number and Section:
Due to the recent security breaches in our Information Technology and Network Infrastructure, it has become necessary to examine and re-align our network in a manner that will harden it to intrusion and keep our information secure. Currently our network is designed in a flat manner that allows for access to multiple systems when accessing just one system. This design serves well in functionality, but not in security.
Site Survey
This section of the plan is intended to provide Corporation Tech’s management department with a network security plan to be utilized in the mitigation of risks associated with the company’s network architecture. This document will focus on multiple avenues of approach to include but not limited to, physical and software security.
Policies and procedures will be implemented for each department requiring access to Corporation Tech’s internal network and VPN access. Employees will be required to attend Information Assurance Awareness training, no less than annually, in order to be allowed continued access to company network assets. All network Users will read and acknowledge through signature of an Acceptable Use Policy and an End User Agreement (EUA) PRIOR to being issued any credential for network access.

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