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Seven National Cyber Security Strategies IT Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


this order discusses seven national cyber security strategies.


Seven National Cyber Security Strategies
Seven National Cyber Security Strategies: A comparison: Critical Infrastructure Security
In any nation, the definition of cyberspace is not just the Internet and Information and communication technology (ICT). Cyberspace is a domain that any nation considers to be similar to other domains of land, air, sea and space but only that it has its own set of distinct characteristics and challenges. The cyberspace domain is a domain characterized by the digital storage, modification and exchange of data via networked systems which are supported by critical information infrastructures. This is a domain that has both national and international dimensions and cuts across industries, commerce, intellectual property, security, technology, culture, policy and diplomacy. With this, cyberspace as we have seen, plays a critical role in the global economy.
In this digital, interconnected age, nations have continued to heavily rely on robust ICT infrastructure and new technologies in order to increase the efficiencies and effectiveness of their services (government services).The use of technology has continued to impact nearly on all sectors ranging from health to banking to military technology. We are at an age where critical infrastructures have been so much interconnected and operate in a collaborative, and resilient manner that makes activities run smoothly. In this modern industrial society, the importance of cyber dimension of critical infrastructures increases daily. For example national critical infrastructures help a nation to effectively control its power grids, financial services, healthcare services etc. However, this increasing dependence on technology presents a set of new challenges and risks; cyber-attacks. As technology advances daily, cyber-attacks also grows more sophisticated. Any disruption or breakdown of any critical system of a nation can cause serious societal and economic damage thus will affect large segment of the population. Due to this reason, any nation must ensure that it has its own cyber security strategies that it can use to protect and secure its critical infrastructures. In this paper, we will look at the cyber security strategies used by seven nations in protecting their critical infrastructure and compare them to the cyber security strategy used by Saudi Arabian government to protect its critical infrastructure. By doing this, we will be able to identify the gaps in Saudi Arabia’s cyber security strategy and propose a additional areas that need to be included.
We begin our analysis by assessing Saudi Arabia’s cyber security strategies that are in place for the protection of critical infrastructure. After this, we again assess the cyber security strategies of other countries we have selected. This will enable us to perfectly compare Saudi Arabia’s cyber security strategy to the cyber security strategies used by these other nations. We will do an comparative analysis that will help us identify the gaps in Saudi Arabia’s cyber strategy and recommend their inclusion. We will focus in the following nations; USA, UK, ‌‌‌‍‍Estonia, Canada, Israel and Dubai Cyber.

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