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Email vs. texting /pros vs. cons IT & Computer Science Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


this essay is comparing the way we use email today vs. texting (IM). is one better or becoming worse. please use the article and reference it for the essay.


Comparing Email vs. Texting – Pros and Cons
Comparing Email vs. Texting – Pros and Cons
Society has a way of shaping people. Individuals in a common environment or age tend to express similar feelings; they display similar characteristics. Individuals within a common culture tend to share equal values and characteristics. Communication plays a vital role in the way people relate with one another. People born in a generation may interacts in a manner that is incomprehensible to others of a different generation (Chayko, 2017). In this era that the rapid advent of technology has created many changes in terms of communication, politics, globalization, and socialization, the current generation display variety of values and preferences in socialization that are largely inconsistent with the conventional standards. Technology offers a variety of electronic communications that allow personal and business interactions to happen more efficiently that in the past when information had to be typed on paper (Chayko, 2017). Modes and ways of communication has changed, remarkably, from the traditional letter writing to texting (instant messaging) and emailing. Both text messages and emails are appropriate in business and personal communication, but their use depend on the person receiving the message, the kind of relationship or business involved, kind and purpose of the message, and in which time frame and location.

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