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Enterprise Network Security It & Computer Science Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Good news, the media, and entertainment company you work for have decided to acquire a media streaming company to complement the business. That means there's a need to assess the financial strength and operational capabilities of the target company, including cybersecurity. The acquisition team needs to take a look at everything, operating systems, network infrastructure, data protection mechanisms, applications, patch levels, and all technology components to assess systems integration between the two companies. You are the cybersecurity engineering architect who will develop a strategy to mitigate risk, protect systems, and prevent threats to data. Your scope includes the enterprise network, data, architecture, and technology capabilities, operating systems, applications, and security processes of the streaming company. Although the streaming company's technology leader did not provide information on any system or trusted environments, you suspected that the company may be using older unsupported versions of Microsoft Windows and Adobe Acrobat. Another challenge, you know that your media and entertainment company doesn't have the staff, with the technical know-how, to assess the security of a technology-oriented streaming company. You will have to be detail-oriented and specific with staff members, to ensure the most important aspects of the integration of the two companies will be covered. You will develop cybersecurity for a successful acquisition report that details the cybersecurity posture of the target company, trusted mechanisms to incorporate, and remedies to implement, to prevent threats and exploits. The report will be part of the larger assessment report the leaders of the acquisition will present to executives of both companies.
Businesses involved in mergers and acquisitions must exercise due diligence in ensuring that the technology environment of the future organization is robust and adequately protects their information assets and intellectual property. Such an effort requires time and open sharing to understand the physical locations, computing environment, and any gaps to address. Lack of information sharing can lead to problematic systems integration and hamper the building of a cohesive enterprise security posture for the merged organization.
Often the urgency of companies undergoing a merger and acquisition (M&A) impedes comprehensive due diligence, especially in cybersecurity. This creates greater challenges for the cybersecurity engineering architect, who typically leads the cybersecurity assessment effort and creates the roadmap for the new enterprise security solution for the future organization. However, the business interest and urgency in completing the merger can also represent an opportunity for CISOs to leverage additional resources and executive attention on strategic security matters.


Enterprise Network Security
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Enterprise Network Security
Executive summary
Mergers and acquisitions are typically an extremely hectic procedure and they forestall different vulnerabilities that aggressors can exploit so as to access personal information illicitly. By undertaking a policy gap analysis, the organization can decide the policies offered by the obtaining organization. By identifying this gap, the firm can recognize the specific changes that will be found in the blended organization.
The protocols to be utilized will feature the vulnerabilities that the organization may be inclined to and how to moderate them. These protocols incorporate HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer), HDS (HTTP Dynamic Flash Streaming), just as RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol). Analysis of the blended network infrastructure additionally features the different advances that will be taken so as to guarantee a consistent client experience.
Changes, for example, execution of BYOD policies are likewise endless supply of the merger. A portion of the considerations that will make so as to start usage of a BYOD incorporate Wi-Fi capacity issues, BYOD backing and security, just as brought together access for wired and wireless clients. A strong information insurance plan can help ensure client information and in this manner increment client base. A few measures incorporate full circle encryption, BitLocker, just as TPM (Trusted Platform Module). Rules and regulations to anticipate incidental revelation of sensitive data will be placed in the information insurance plan, together with strategies that will be utilized to recognize the sensitive data, ID of systems which contain and transport information, information misfortune aversion just as risk detection controls.

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