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LASA 2 Internal and External Security Planning IT Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


You are an IT manager for a small business. You are being asked to create a network security plan both for internal IT workers and for the company in general.
You are to put together a network security plan that addresses each of the following components:
Explain the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) and their security benefits and drawbacks.
Create a standard procedure for adding new users to a network.
Create a summary of a network plan, including the use of a firewall, written for a business person with limited knowledge of IT.
Document the uses of an intrusion detection system.
Identify and explain whether workers should be required to report potential security violations and create a policy based on your viewpoints.
Determine the best e-mail policy for an organization and document it for a business owner.
Create a password-change policy for a networking group.
Provide an executive summary briefing for a non-IT manager to review the business implications for the IT policies that you are recommending.


Internal Security Planning For a Small Business
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Internal Security Planning For a Small Business
Network security is a very important element for the success of any business, small or large. For this reason, business managers need to create network security plans so as to ensure that their information resources are used in an effective manner. In this paper, I profile a network security plan which addresses various information security components of a small business.
The Use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and their Security Benefits and Drawbacks
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is defined as a private network that extends across a public network. This makes it easy for the users to receive and send information over the public or shared networks (Stewart, 2013). This communication takes place as if the devices that they use were linked to the private network. Putting it simply, a virtual private network creates an encoded system which is secure. This can be likened to a tunnel between a user’s computing device and the VPN service provider. All the applications which operate on across the VPN are highly likely to benefit from the security, working and private network management.
Through Virtual Private Networks, small business employees are able to have a secure access to the intranet that is within their corporations even when they are not in the offices. These types of networks allow workers in physically separate offices to have a secure and cohesive network connection. Private users of the internet are able to secure their virtual transactions using a virtual private network CITATION JMi13 \l 1033 (Stewart, 2013). This is to avoid censorship and geo-restrictions and to link to proxy servers so as to safeguard their personal location and identity. Nevertheless, access to virtual private networks is restricted by some internet sites in an effort to prevent unauthorized access to their networks.

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