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Criminal Justice. Heroin is a nasty drug. Law Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The paper is an MLA paper about criminal justice the paper had questions that needed research and answers


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Criminal Justice
1. Heroin is a nasty drug. Why is it abused in American society to the level that it has been abused since the sixties? Why do people relapse into heroin abuse at such a high rate? What can be done about it?
Heroin is a drug made from morphine which has been highly abused in the United States of America, the history of heroin being abused in the USA has been there for over five decades, reason being the majority in the country take it not to be of serious harm and tend to abuse it like any other drugs like marijuana, but in the real sense heroin is a very nasty drug that needs to be eradicated in the country, even though heroin has caused more deaths than any other drugs in the United States of America, there are major reasons as to why heroin has been abused since the sixties the issue comes in hand to the security in the borders because heroin is being sold at the street level and is being supplied from the neighbouring countries who smuggles the illicit drugs in from Mexico and South America. Many people go for heroin other than other drugs because it is readily available and is cheaper to use and those people who were prescribed by the doctor to take pain pills are considered to be 19 times vulnerable to use heroin. What should be done to deal with this matter is ensuring tight security at the borders and encouraging people to be guided professionally to take medicines.

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