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Homelessness and substance abuse Law Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Selection of a Research Project: Homelessness
General-Purpose Statement, Background of the Problem, and Ethical Issues
Include at least one paragraph for the research problem, followed by the related literature about the problem, and then indicate any deficiencies you found in the literature
Research Methodology and Data Collection Procedures


Homelessness and Substance Abuse
Homelessness and Substance Abuse
Part 1
Over the past millenniums, homelessness has been considered as one of the greatest epidemics globally. Correspondingly, substance abuse is viewed as a significant factor affecting the homeless population, contributing to increased mortality risk. In the U.S., substance addiction among this population became a national issue during the 1870s due to the industrial revolution, which led to rising inequality levels in the Gilded age (Clifford, Wilson & Harris, 2019). The rise of morphine addiction also serves as a significant contributor to homelessness in the nation. It is imperative to note that homelessness is also considered a major cause of substance abuse among the affected population. Since these individuals are forced to use drugs to cope with their current condition, the number of those who abuse drugs has grown considerably. This research study explores homelessness and its correlation to substance abuse, its causes, and effects.
Substance abuse as a terminology emerged to replace the traditional phrase drug abuse because the latter invoked judgment and social stigma in communities (Johnson & Chamberlain, 2008). Its use led to the alienation and marginalization of drug users, who in turn were shunned from receiving the support they needed. The term substance has been used to indicate a wide range of psychoactive substances that include prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and inhalants. The change was done to reduce stigmatization and show users that it was possible to seek assistance if they found themselves in such a situation.
Clifford, Wilson & Harris (2019) note that there are many potential harms that result from substance abuse. These are not limited to the pharmacological effects of using the substance itself. They impair an individual’s ability to make sound decisions and carry out tasks effectively and to completion. Continued abuse leads to increased chances of risky behaviors, deteriorating health, and in some cases, death. Other effects that result from addiction include family breakups, divorce, engagement in crime, and dissociation from society.

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