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Affirmative Action: Should it Be Permitted or Encouraged by Law? (Research Paper Sample)


Affirmative Action: Should it Be Permitted or Encouraged by Law?


Affirmative Action: Should it Be Permitted or Encouraged by Law?
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Affirmative Action: Should it Be Permitted or Encouraged by Law?
Affirmative action refers to a policy where a person’s race, color, sex, religion, or origin is considered to empower and represent them in society. Affirmative action is a controversial topic given that proponents and critics have varied views, which has made governments cautious regarding enacting it into law (Lippert-Rasmussen, 2020). Affirmative action originated from the need to correct the traditional marginalization of minority groups in competitive professions and schools, which undermined their social and financial conditions. Supporters believe Affirmative Action is necessary for correcting the historical wrongs and injustices and promote equal outcomes for the minorities. They also argue that White Americans have unjustly benefited from the country’s protracted history of discrimination against the minority and have had what they call the “white privilege.” However, critics of Affirmative Action respond that it a kind of reverse discrimination that unfairly harms the welfare of non-minority and minority groups such as Asian-Americans (Lippert-Rasmussen, 2020). They are denied equal access to jobs and other opportunities because they have no affirmative action coverage. Opponents also disagree that affirmative action leaves out better-qualified people from placement in schools and jobs. Besides, they refute the belief that white Americans in contemporary times still relish the advantages of discriminatory practices that are no longer prevalent in the United States. This essay argues that state and federal laws should not consider race and ethnicity in employment or university admissions.

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