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Attitudes of Death and Dying (Research Paper Sample)


The paper required an analysis of how people feel about death as an unavoidable reality.


Attitudes of Death and Dying
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Attitudes of Death and Dying
Human life varies in terms of success, challenges, and affluence. Despite the position in the society, however, death has to take place at a certain point in everybody's life (Baravalle & Zaterka, 2020). Whereas death is certain, nearly everybody contemplates the transition and wishes that they die safely on their beds. That is, on the contrary, not always the case as nature controls the death mechanism. I believe that there is a need to worry about the death process both before and during the actual instance. At this point the debate on Euthanasia curves in having raised varied concerns. Some people and groups advocates for the need to adopt physician-assisted death as a mean for patients to exercise their right on right to choose to live. At the request of the patient and the consent of the family members therefore, such individuals believe that the physician ought to withdraw the life-supporting machines (Steinhart, 2015). I, however, believe that whereas the idea is noble in offsetting sufferings and financial burdens, it is prone to in dignifying human life. I additionally believe that there is a need to make peace with life as a means to ensure a smooth transition in the afterworld. This paper thus expounds on a personalized attitude to death and the dying factoring in the ignobility of euthanasia.
Dying as a Process
Death is not a one-day event despite the accomplishment within a single second. At some point in life, there is a need to let the worry of dying to induce a fear meant to create a natural balance (Boggatz, 2019). At such a point an individual realizes based on the fear of the unknown that there is a need to respect humanity. Respect goes hand in hand with the expression of both care and concern for others rather than egocentrism. Maybe that is the best time to walk out of our way to help the needy while securing time for our families. It is thence that the super-ego acknowledges that, there is a pending power that will someday bring the massive powers to pass. Perhaps it is right to note that, every person experiences some fear of uncertainty during times of calamities like the COVID-19. Rather than waiting for such worrying moments, I believe life on earth need to revolve around humility, love, care, peace, and respect for humanity. There is also a need to embrace virtues meant for the benefits of future generations since we all understand that life infinite. Why then does one have to own the whole world while others are suffering only to have it all left to others? Perhaps I am right since I am a strong advocate for philanthropists. I believe that such individuals like Bill gates understand what dying someday means to current day living. I however need to put it clear that I am not advocating for reduced ventures to accumulate wealth, influence, and power. What I simply mean is that we need to embrace personal limits where we reconsider others and give our hands. Eventually, there is a need to ignore death an aspect that will enable us to accomplish what we need for others rather than shower them with grace when they die. Such people will not be there to feel the impacts of our deeds.
Attitude towards Euthanasia
Euthanasia is a necessary evil under some circumstances when so much pain is subjected to the patients. The family members and friends normally get to a point of questioning the viability of nature in allowing such sufferings. A patient might also be convinced that they need to relieve their fellows the financial burdens. While the intentions are noble however, the slippery ground is vast (Teichman, 2020). I believe that human beings are at no position of controlling nature. Maybe we can think of incidences that happened in our lives contrary to our plans and expectations. Everybody would agree that there seem to be some invisible limits that influence what we achieve. If we cannot take charge of such a scenario and turntables around, why then do we have to take away somebody's life and assume that it doesn’t amount to murder? A different perspective would be a case where physician-assisted death is legalized. Despite the code of conduct maintained by the medical sector, truth is told that there is no society without a loophole. Perhaps then an irresponsible doctor would allege a death caused by an irresponsible behavior to physician-assisted death (Ferreira, 2018). A religious perspective may also serve the purpose bearing in mind that no religion embraces euthanasia. It is in this case believed that God is the sole creator and thus should also be the taker of life. Conclusively, taking a human life by whichever means is not different from murder and therefore undignified.
Mode of Death
Based on the allusion that there is a natural power that tends to control the modality of some life instances, humans are not liable to their modes of death. Perhaps the question is what about that man who decided to drive when drunk and ended up engaged in an accident. The answer lies in a revisit on the subject of fear of the unknown. Any sober-minded person would not drive themselves to death knowing that it would originate from that direction. It is however acknowledged that some activities are perceived to be risking one's life knowing the potential repercussions. Scientists and medics can answer the question with ease create links like in this instance the modified perception of addicts that would rise to levels of convincing them that driving while drank is not likely to make them cause an accident. If life had the chance to consult us, we would go for dying safely on our beds. We must, however, accept the reality that, nature controls the mode of death (Baum & Friedman, 2020). Regardless, we need to take preventive measures in an attempt to attract safe

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