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Trauma-Informed Organization Development for Black People (Research Paper Sample)


the paper was all about Trauma-Informed Organization Development for Black People


Trauma-Informed Organization Development for Black People
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Trauma is a damage of the brain resulting from a drastic occurrence such as a road accident, rape, fire accident etc. It is a brain’s reaction to an extremely negative occurrence. A trauma informed care is an approach that assumes that a person is likely to have encountered a traumatizing occurrence. In America, the blacks Americans residents experience more traumatizing events than their white counterparts (Novacek, 2020). For instance, research has shown that more black Americans experienced trauma after hurricane Andrew in the year 2002 and during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Barriers such as cultural insensitivity, stigma, and huge treatment costs prevent black Americans to seek mental health treatment when such traumatizing events occur to them. Due to white supremacy, black people are more vulnerable to trauma due to their living under a regime of white supremacy. Therefore, there is need to implement trauma-informed care for the black Americans. This document addresses how to come up with a trauma-informed organizational development that will target the lack Americans.
A trauma-informed organization aims at creating strategies that will develop a trauma-informed society. For an organization to achieve a trauma-informed working environment, it needs to understand how trauma affects the life of an individual. Trauma-informed strategies that an organization can take can be summarized to training, organizing trauma-informed assessments, hiring trauma-informed staff and retaining them. An organization needs to re-engineer its systems to accommodate trauma-informed practices, and strategize on achieving a trauma-informed working environment for all their workers. The organization shall need an approach to address this topic.
The first step in addressing trauma among black Americans is understanding the sources of trauma among them. According to Lund (2020), many Black Americans live are marginalized They are economically strained, have abject poverty and are in low social-economic statuses. Economic hardships are known stressors to the black Americans. In addition, black Americans experience police brutality, social injustices, and widespread extreme racism (hargons et al., 2017). Black Americans experience discrimination in work places, schools, health facilities and in social services offices. These conditions are known traumatizing occurrences that organizations should note in the fight against trauma.
In the fight against trauma, organizations need to create an environment of compassion and concern to the Black Americans. Black employees find it hard to work in fear and contemplation due to police brutality, racial discrimination and suffering caused to their kin (McCluney et al., 2017). Since they feel threatened, they are not able to work effectively in their work places. Organizations and employers should therefore show compassion and concern to their black employees, and assure them of their safety when working. When instances of discrimination happen to non-employee black community, organizations should show compassion to their own black employees. Showing black compassion and concern employees will enable them to overcome the trauma and improve their performance in the work places.
Organizations should create a safe and stability in their places. According to Chavez-Dueñas (2019), physical and emotional safety is a central component in treating victims of trauma. Black Americans experience continuous racism in their day-to-day activities. Due to daily encounters with traumatizing situations, creating a universally available safety for all black Americans is reasonable unachievable. However, it is possible to create sanctuaries of safe spaces where black communities can retreat. For example, in work places, employers can ensure the safety of the black employees in the work places. Employers should ensure that their black employees experience no victimization, discrimination or brutality. Employers should engage in hiring and employee management without discrimination. Consequently, black cohort shall be able to work in a safe space without fear of victimization due to the color of their skin.
Institutions should Collaborate and Empower initiatives that promote the fight against Black Americans discrimination. Due to racial 

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