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Ways of Overcoming Unhealthy Conflicts in the Workplace and Dealing with a Recalcitrant Employee (Research Paper Sample)




Overcoming Unhealthy Conflict
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Ways of overcoming unhealthy conflicts in the workplace
The first step towards solving unhealthy conflict is ensuring that every worker has competent skills in the field that they are in. According to bbbbbb (), a successful team needs to have adequate skills in for them to contribute to a successful firm. When every member of the team is well conversant with what he or she is doing in the organization, he/she will dedicate more time doing it instead of engaging the co-workers in discussions that are most likely to cause unhealthy conflict. Incompetent workers will spend time chatting with their counterparts in conversations that will most likely cause unhealth conflict.
The other step in solving conflicts is ensuring that the workers are self-motivated. Many conflicts arise when workers lack the motivation to do their task. demotivated workers will spend time complaining about different aspects in the workplace. To avoid this a team leader should ensure that his staff is self-motivated and every member is willing to do his or her work with minimal complaints.
The third step in dealing with conflicts is by team building. A tea

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